Thrudesign was founded in 2011, we design and build solid wood furniture by ourselves; we provide industrial design service and we have a wood workshop to teach people how to work with wood.


Thrudesign creates furniture by using wood as material and a simple and pure design. For us, such a design can best express the nobility and excellence of furniture. We expect to make furniture lasting for long with the purest materials and form.


Founded by two Red Dot & IF Award winning industrial designers from Beijing, Thrudesign has a team of experienced and dedicated designers and engineers, which are capable of providing some of the finest design and product strategy research services in China. We work closely with manufacturers and individuals to develop new and compelling products. Our services cover a wide spectrum from medical & scientific, digital &electronic, sports & leisure, to fashion, furniture and personal care, etc.


Our philosophy when working with wood -- to “think with the hands and feel with the heart”. The courses that combine theory with practice are taught by senior carpenter training teachers to enable the trainees to learn the actual operation of frequently-used manual and electric tools for carpentry, identity timbers (including their characteristics) and the structure of wooden products before finally completing a piece of furniture of wooden structure as graduation work. The class uses concentrated teaching and separate guidance to ensure that each trainee can quickly master basic and practical carpentry skills through professional training.