Sozen image

Sozen is a practice of life, it is not a definition, it’s an innate yearning, accompanied by everyday breathing. And with a simple, emotional and qualitative design language; the character of “Sozen” is illustrated.


“Sozen” design is frank and straightforward, you’ll feel warmed when you see it, its wonderful simplicity is mundane yet also the most real and tangible charm, the most reliable existence. “Sozen” likes to convey the feeling of hand-made; to create products that give people life, like a beloved child, or the reincarnation of nature, giving the admirer a positive energy. “Sozen” is founded by Zhang Jun Jie; a teacher at the China Academy Of Art, the studio is located in the scenic and poetic Hangzhou, “Sozen” design wants to convey an elegance simplistic lifestyle, to pursuit a design ideology that beautiful combines traditional craft with contemporary products. “Sozen” design has won 4 Red Dot Design Award and 3 times iF Concept Design Award, as well as other international awards, the studio has participated in over 20 national and international exhibitions. The brand started in October 2011, and decided to use an innovative design concept, to understand the essence of China’s fundamental culture and integrate it into modern life creation. Sozen started to research bamboo weaving as its main design concept in the beginning of 2012, carefully investigating into the production process of bamboo weaving, its craft possibility and modern bamboo woven furniture, and thus developing a whole range of bamboo woven products.