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Cutipol founded in 1920 from Lisbon Portugal, they focus on doing tablewares. Cutipol enjoy high reputation in the world.Cutipol is the original works from the unremitting efforts and constant pursuit of perfection, embodies the never-ending innovative spirit, condenses the professional qualities and intelligence of several generations, and inherits the essence of the traditional tableware technology in Portugal. The characteristic of the pursuit of perfection is our inevitable mission as well as the dream of generations of Cutipol family.
Cutipol, based on the traditional technology and modern design, creates the attractive and high-quality tableware. The combination of the ergonomics and the details of the tableware, for instance, the proportion design, the streamline design, the appearance beauty process, makes Cutipol outstanding among ordinary daily tablewares, presenting the feeling of the artwork texture.
Thank you for choosing Cutipol, and hope you enjoy the wonderful meal moment with Cutipol.