As a leader of the hign-end Carpet manufacture, Fuli Carpet is making our Fuli as the landmark to measure the level of carpet development. With the hisory nearly 30 years , Fuli has 0ver 100o skilled workers. With the development of carpet industry, Fuli has been widely recognized and applied by many international brands due to its excellent quality, workmanship and different artistic expressions of materials. After a long period of accumulation and accumulation, Fuli brand was established in 2016 with its headquarters in Shanghai. After three years of efforts, it has now developed into a comprehensive professional carpet manufacturer integrating marketing, research and development and production. At present, it has several regional flagship stores, affiliated distributors and holding enterprises. Its business scope covers residential and commercial space throughout the country. Fuli refuses to derive products from assembly lines, insists on originality, advocates craftsmanship and customizes life to meet the personalized needs of people with high quality of life. While continuously developing its business, Fuli strives to enrich its product line and provide customers with high-quality products and services. Fuli joined with STARK, the top US carpet brand in 2019, to become the exlusive agent in China, and Fuli also be the general agent of New Zealand Cavelier Carpet Group in China.