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Cymat Technologies Ltd,based in Toronto ,Canada,is an innovative materials technology company that has the exclusive worldwide rights for producing Alusion Stabilized Aluminum Foam through patents and licensen. Cymat's Stabilized Aiuminum Foam ,marketed under the trade name of Alusion for architecture, is a versatile and unique material with virtually limitless desing and architectural applicatiions, As well as its unique appearance, it has sound absorbing properties making it ideal for applications requiring sound absorption and beauty. Beijing DRH Building Materials Co.,Ltd specia in aluminium and aluinium alloy materials processing and sales business ,isCymat appointed China agent,we provide high quality materials for Chinses high speed train industry ,ship building industry,automotive and architectural industry,ship building industry,automotive and architectural industry . As Cymat's China agent, we are committed to expanding the application of ALUSION foam panels in China and establishing an effective communication between Cymat and the architects an effective communication between Cymat and the architects . We keep stocking one million ALUSION panels in our Wuxi Warehouse for small projects and urgent demands . We also provide qualified cutting and painting service.