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Millie Wang, the founder of the brand, runs a domestic design and manufacturing company of household products in China. She spends several months every year bringing her products to many cities in the world and talking to designers in many countries.These products, small enough to be held in one hand and large enough to be lifted by two people, are indispensable tools in people's lives. Millie Wang takes time to think about how to make them comfortable and fun for her customers.

Leshi is a brand of furniture series launched by Millie Wang in cooperation with Italian designer Daniele Dainelli in recent years. Chair products are one of the most important products in household life and the most distinctive carrier of the concept inherited by the brand.
Also most test the comprehensive strength of the brand, this is because a small chair is actually a comprehensive test of the designer's design aesthetics, human engineering, material science and manufacturing technology.

Leshi is dedicated to bring a craftsman's spirit experience to every guest who has not missed this brand, and hence the casual "Leshi".