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“Unity without uniformity”- The Daoism philosophy of the five elements, earth, gold, wood, water and fire, from which everything is created.
Maxmarko was originally formed by Derek Chen as a Research and Design Centre and Platform for Designer’s to explore and create truly unique and inspired products that showcased the exciting new voice of Contemporary Chinese Design.
Following several years working with some of China’s top contemporary furniture brands Derek Chen decided it was time to take the next step. The spring of 2010 saw the birth of Maxmarko as an independent brand and the launch of his collection of inspirational and original designs.
The essence of Maxmarko designs emerge from the basic principle that design is about discovering the patterns of everyday objects. Extracting, combining and redefining these elements in order to create classic designs that go beyond trends.

Maxmarko - from concept to final production, it’s all about quality. Maxmarko has had its own manufacturing base since 2010. Every step of the process is overseen by highly skilled craftspeople with years’ experience and a focus on achieving the highest standards of workmanship. It’s all about delivering high quality original designs giving customers years of comfort and enjoyment.

Maxmarko currently has 10 stores around China and is widely recognized as a leading brand showcasing the very best of Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design. Maxmarko has gained recognition winning numerous awards within China and has also been selected to represent the best of Chinese Design at major International Furniture Exhibitions.