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Everything comes from CEO HENRIK LANGE's dedication to design.A passion and genuine interest for design furniture has always been a large aspect of Henrik Langes life. The collection of design objects started at a very early age, and the passion is consistently what drives and reflects Lange Production.Lange’s passion for collecting design objects started at a very young age, when he at
the age of 5, inherited just enough money to buy his first design piece. During the years, the collection and interest grew, and after some years in the corporate sector, he pursued his dream and founded Lange Production in 2006.Lange had created a small obsession with Fabricius & Kastholm’s designs, and especially the FK 87 Grasshopper Chair, with the auction bidding coming close to a quarter million danish kroner, he wondered if it was possible to revive some of these classic pieces.After much convincing, Jørgen Kastholm handed over the rights to Lange Production, to reproduce the entire line of the FK duo. One of the main requirements was that the quality of the new products would meet the one of the original pieces.
The first piece from Fabricius & Kastholm was launched in 2006, and since then much more has followed. In 2008 Lange Production introduced Grete Jalk to the collection of designers, and since then we have also welcomed Horst Bruning and Christian Ketelsen to our family of classic and modern furniture.An aspect that remains of high importance to Henrik Lange today, is to respect the originality and the heritage of the designs. After all, this was the reason the interest grew and the passion remains.