This series of webinars serves as a prologue leading up to opening of Design China Beijing end of September. The topics are designed to highlight the key subject matters that will be explored in the four-day exhibition. Starting with an overview of how the world has changed the role of design in people’s lives (webinar #1), followed by a deep dive into how design may bring positive impacts in our physical and mental wellness (#2), sense of community (#3) and the wellbeing of our environment (#4), RETHINK aims to emphasise the importance of good and purposeful design and how it aptly responds to the behavioural shifts / concerns among people in the new era. Conducted in Mandarin and on Zoom, these sessions will be moderated by Zhuo, and will have three panelists per discussion.


Platform: Zoom

Language: Mandarin

Moderator: Zhuo Tan, Director of Design China Beijing & Design Shanghai

Guests: Xiaojing Huang, Zhiqiang Li, Xuelian Dong


Webinar #1 - 11 August Tuesday 2.30 PM

RETHINK: The Role of Design in 2020 and Beyond

The last few months has changed the world, almost entirely. What trends have emerged? How are the expectations among Chinese consumers different from that of their Western counterparts, how do they think and behave differently? Ultimately, what do people care, what fundamental human needs remain unchanged? What are the biggest take-aways for the design world?


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