HOUSE VISION 2018 BEIJING EXHIBITION will be held in the South Square Bird's Nest, Beijing, from September 21st to November 6th, 2018.  The ‘CHINA HOUSE VISION’, which is originated by Mr. Kenya Hara from Nippon Design Center, and Co - host with GWC. 


The theme of ‘HOUSE VISION 2018 BEIJING EXHIBITION’ is 「NEW GRAVITY」, which means, China's thinking on the elements of living environment today is like a epoch-making change of “Gravity". The exhibition will reflect on returning to the most basic unit of our life - ‘HOME’. As a platform for thinking and looking forward to the future Chinese community and the living style, we are committed to cross boundaries of industry and face the practical problems existing in urban life and living environment in China nowadays. Gathering wisdom, we combine it with modern science and technology, and explore the ideal type of future community and living style.


This year our exhibition, brings together 10 famous Chinese and foreign architects and their teams. We cooperate with 10 enterprises to build an ideal ‘Home for the Future’, and create 10 1:1-sized pavilions that you can have first-hand experience and will allow you to explore the possibilities of belonging to a future home.


Date:  21st Sep-6th Nov. 2018                  

Location:  National Stadium (Birds Nest) South Square