Alongside the main exhibitor programme, Design China Beijing has also collaborated on a number of satellite exhibitions and installations across Beijing.

new gravity

NEW GRAVITY,  designed by famous Japan designer Kenya Hara.



At The Opposite House, one of Beijing’s most luxurious boutique hotels, Chinese designer Jamy Yang will present YANG House “Virtual Landscape” Teahouse, designed using Yang’s iconic Y-folder system to create a virtual bamboo forest within the hotel lobby. The installation will also feature furniture by the designer. These chairs and tables will make up the traditional teahouse where visitors can sit and enjoy the virtual landscape around them.



The exciting young design studio Black Drama led by Feng Liu will create ‘Ten Atlar’, an interactive and mesmerising installation. Using fog, dry ice and new technologies to create a modern take on the ‘Temple of Heaven,’ the sacred site where emperors of past dynasties paid tribute to Heaven for prosperity and mental clarity.



Recognized as the young Chinese designer with modernist thought, practical design, and pursuit of expensive simplicity. Ms QT Qian created a Beijing Garden in Taikooli.