An art installation which is called “Woven Grove,” and is an exploration of the inherent material behaviors of bamboo and inspired by the craft-based practice of weaving. As bamboo is one of the most rapid growing natural materials and is capable of absorbing vast amounts of carbon in the process of growth, it seemed to us to be a very natural material to begin exploring. We often begin with a material and try to develop an understanding of how we might best leverage the material for its inherent properties and behaviors and allow those studies to drive our design. In this case we found that the bamboo was highly pliable and flexible, however, when these forces are woven together we are able to achieve a highly rigid and lightweight structure. Following the natural behavior of the material as a driver for design, we don’t as much tell the material what to do, but rather allow the form to emerge through behavioral simulations. This work is meant to challenge and question our conventional means of construction and design, suggests that there are potential avenues and processes which take a path of less resistance.


in this sense we are suggesting that the outdated trope of “Man vs Nature” is no longer valid in so many ways, and instead seek to promote the idea of “Humanity within Nature.” This project is an initial step towards to development of a much larger design methodology. Looking forward to ever advancing emerging technologies the work drives towards a potential for increasing integration between the many spheres of making and design. While the

work is created through increasingly advanced technological innovations, it finds its execution within the natural realm of sustainable material and formal characteristics. In this way the work does not suggest that there is a singular way forward through technology but rather an evolutionary process which is capable of including an ever more diverse array of parameters within its environment.


AntiStatics Architecture is an international creative Architecture and Design office founded by Mo Zheng and Martin Miller (USA) IN 2015, based in Beijing and New York. We focus on innovative design utilizing cutting-edge digital tools and advanced fabrication to develop elegant solutions. Nature is a model of efficient dynamic systems, we look to nature not for the sake of biomimicry, as has been so often the case, but for its embedded intelligence. The office is driven to provide innovative architectural and urban design solutions looking to advanced computational tools to find new material efficiencies and user integration. Our work includes urban master planning, architectural design, interiors, public installation, cultural building design, and cutting edge technological research.
AntiStatics believes in the experiment. We believe that diversity brings strength to solutions. Our work straddles research and practice, operating across scales from massive (urban design) to minute (interior and installation), including urban planning and architecture design, interiors, art installation, stage design, and cutting edge technological research. Every project informs another, we believe in learning. We operate through environments, both virtual and physical, placing ourselves at the threshold between the two. It is here that we find novel solutions to complex problems.