Malaysian by birth, Lay Koon Tan came to the UK in 1977.  She studied at the London School of Economics in the early 1980s before embarking on an unusual career which would take her from the board rooms of the City to the cutting edge of sustainable design.

In 2000, inspired by her passion for nature and conservation, she decided on a career change and founded Nature Squared: an ethical business, grounded on the principles of sustainability, leveraging heritage craft skills to transform waste natural materials into luxury surfaces for incredibly diverse applications.  

Lay Koon embarked on this ground-breaking venture with Paul Hoeve, a former senior colleague from Andersen.In setting up Nature Squared, Lay Koon and Paul aimed to foster a holistic approach to sustainability: enhancing livelihood in emerging countries; preserving heritage skills; and encouraging stewardship of natural resources and local communities.  “Trade not aid” is Nature Squared’s maxim.   

Nearly 20 years later, Nature Squared is synonymous with beautiful surfaces, sustainability, innovation and the highest quality, found in the most exclusive surroundings: from the dashboard of a Rolls-Royce Phantom to superyacht, residential, hospitality and commercial interiors of iconic standing.    

Lay Koon lives in London with her husband and daughter.